Freshwater mps test strips, what is mps in water testing


The Freshwater MPS Test Strips will help you maintain a brilliantly clear, odor free spa water by testing for Monopersulfate (MPS).

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what is mps in water testing?

Potassium monopersulfate (MPS) water quality test strips are tools designed to measure the concentration of potassium monopersulfate in water. MPS is commonly used as an oxidizing agent in swimming pool and spa water treatment, often found in non-chlorine shock treatments. Testing the level of MPS is crucial to ensure that it is within the recommended range for effective water treatment.

Key features of Potassium Monopersulfate Water Quality Test Strips:

Quick and Easy Testing:

These test strips provide a rapid and straightforward method for assessing the level of potassium monopersulfate in water. The color-changing pads on the strips react to the presence of MPS, producing visible results within minutes.

Color-Gradient Indicator:

The test strips typically come with a color gradient chart that allows users to match the color changes on the strip to determine the concentration of potassium monopersulfate in the water. Different colors represent different concentrations.

Accurate Measurements:

The test strips are designed for accuracy, providing a reliable indication of the MPS level. This accuracy is essential to ensure that the water treatment is effective and that the pool or spa is safe for use.

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